Direct Statements

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With “Direct Statements” we want to try to weaken the dependence between the person who is saying something and us. We are doing so, if people are interested, by giving them direct access to the blog without that we ourselves are first involved in this process.

Although, people can decide for themselves how and over what they want to say and write (see more here –about the Statements-), we decide when which statements are uploaded. This is of course also due to the fact that our resources for posts, revising, translating and further are limited. In addition, we try to strive for a unified and clear format for the blog.

As we work with WordPress, we can register people as users. This allows you to write, make and publish your own posts. However, the rights are restricted. The only category for the posts is “direct”, they do not appear on the main page, no media can be uploaded (but embedded) and may at any time by us, as well as the users be deleted or restricted. The last one, we only want to use it if the postal contain strong discriminatory content. The publish statements are briefly reviewed and later, if enough resources are available be put by us in suitable form on the home page and the main blog. We make a new post, yours remains untouched, with of course the same content. We also do not alter the content.

There are two ways, we can register you with your desired email address, or we you quickly create an address at do not send me spam. Gives us the user name that you desire, otherwise we give you an anonymous one(for example STW002). Yourself can change and determine the password.

To sign up you go to You can then create, publish, and modify posts. Please keep in mind, that when you create a post, several languages are provided. Please publish your statement only in the English field, only this will be visible later. Your source language can of course be any and you may also add translations to your Post.

Should you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. (