Our Views

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We believe that each person only has and can have a limited view of the “world(s)” and of “society(s)”. Because of our fully Individual lifestyles and life reality we do see certain things and others not.

Merely our language(s) contain us (see more about it in the languages and translations) The word Refugee has not for everybody the same meaning. Which terms are used, when, where and by whom, and which are not even mentioned or heard? And here we would like to note also that the use of language and categories (which are first defined linguistically) hold an incredible controversy dynamic. With words we are trying to describe situations, and further thoughts, but limits this partly unconsciously.

We ourselves have also listed various categories and forms of discrimination (see about the Statements) and would also like to demand to all people here to extend this list and/or to question it. We will try to not simply take proposals uncritically, but to deal with these and partially implement them.

Even when trying to make this blog and thus the statements available as much as possible, we stub at limits. Some of them we don’t even see. Please help us to see and understand them. We want as much as possible to remove, mitigate or at least make them visible.

Here is for example also the consideration to translate the statements on long terms in plain language. So more people could access to them, who for the most part are consistently excluded (unfortunately here currently also). However, these involvements are very intense, so that now we don’t have the impression to have enough capacity to fulfill these revisions.

When we put the experience of national borders at the center, it does not mean that we do not see or do not want to see any other social and political topics. We also believe that an exchange of different information from different corners can be very helpful and is often necessary. That is why we also want to reflect “other” (A clear delineation rarely take place) topics in the links, without weakening our focus.

Even if we assume that there is no single reality of life, we are seeing us part of a normative society. We are not free from discriminatory attitudes, as we have come in contact with them in different levels, have (re)produced them and even if by trying could (re)produce them again. We try to see our own position in the society, whether as Refugee or as european citizen,but this attempt, as already mentioned above, is limited by our experience and language.

We definitely attempt to always avoid mistakes again without demonizing us (and your position).

However, the general attitude should be at least the following:
Migration and travels are not crimes. National borders and structures, which prevent freedom of movement for all people are not justifiable. A reduction of people on an economic value and to classified them hierarchically according to usability is unacceptable and must be opposed.
People shouldn’t have serious reasons, such as wars or famine, to have the right to live somewhere else.
All people should be able to move freely over the earth, without being stigmatized as criminals.
Migration has always existed and will always exist.

All people who are mostly shaping this project, criticize the current border and asylum policy of Europe (and also of other countries around the world) and hope at long term to contribute to break this hostile asylum policy, mentality and stereotypes.

But we also want to question our own privileges, lived realities, perceptions of self and others and try to learn from it (see more “about contradictions and challenges“).

Everyone of course is more than welcome to co-create.