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Like you can read in the menu point „Statements“ and „Project“, our goal is to collect and especially spread statements from people who have or had experiences as Refugees or strong similar experiences with (national) borders. Everybody should decide about what, how, in which language she or he makes the statements and how much Informations about her or himself she or he want to give.

Do you want to to say, write or show something? Or do you know someone who is interested? Feel free to contact us.

We would like to point out the following points:

  1. Information: Please be aware that the statements appear on the Internet and will be spread as much as possible. All people and institutions can access it, so be sure what information and details you want to give.

  2. Form: How and in what form the statement is received, you shall also decide at possibility. You may like to write or make a recording, whether audio or video. You can also add a picture or more. We can try to help you for recording or writing down.

  3. Language: you can use each language you want. If you have the options to add translations, we are looking forward immensely, no matter in which language. We ourselves have currently always have access to English, French, German and partly in Arabic. We can exchange us with other people for other languages.

  4. Content: We often confuse the respondent, because we do not provide a clear question and also don’t want to give any suggestion. Please consider for yourself what and how you want to say something. Whether public or private, long or short, detailed or abstract, anything is possible. Have you perhaps made something else, what you want to share with us, such as a post, a newspaper article or other? Uses this also if you like. Should we have comprehension questions, we would contact you by possibility again.

  5. Headline: About every statement we write a name and / or description. Here, the name can be complete, misleading or false. Gladly also Anonymous. You can also add information such as your location or otherwise. Or you can create a short description.

  6. Contact: As already mentioned, we can try to help you when recording or writing down, maybe we can even meet or you can send us an email ( with a statement.

  7. Release: Unfortunately, our resources are limited, so it can sometimes unfortunately take time before the statements is being upload. Yourself can upload the statement in “Direct Statements”.

  8. “Direct Statements”: We want to try to weaken the relationship between the person who is coming to word word and us. By giving direct access to the blog, without that we ourselves are first involved in this process. We can register people as users. This allows you to write, to make and to publish your own posts. However, the rights are restricted. Here more information.

Should you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to respond.