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The people should be heard,for who the border and asylum policy is a strong reality of life or was. The expertise of the individual voices should come into play. They are talking now, their are not talked about. Also you can not talk, by the breadth and fullness of statements, about a homogeneous group of refugees.

Through these many individual voices, we are hoping for a different consciousness about this issue, and, consequently, a change on long term. Of course, this approach is not a solution, but an attempt to contribute a part to it.
And that is why we ask all to spread the statements (with possibility of referring to the “original”, when using a translation, see languages and translations) as good as possible in wide variety of ways. Whether through an exhibition, a Facebook post, flyers and brochures, a burned audio CD, or all sorts of (positive and critical) forms of spreading.
We also hope that, on this website, the use of statements and the related experiences and reactions can be exchanged. Just write us a short e-mail, in which you describe what you did and how the responses were (by you and by others). Gladly also with images and other things. We will then upload them here as an(critical and positive) inspiration for all.

You can use the material that is available: Booklet and Flyer