The Blog and the Updates

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Here you will be informed about updates and changes of the blog.

At the moment of the appearance of the blog on the internet, one statement should be publish daily here. As already described in the menu item project, the blog is of central importance.
The statements are assert as good as possible here. To improve this, we have (soon) advanced search and settings, different categories, Multilingual postings and menu guides …
Nevertheless, our resources are unfortunately currently limited, so that we can aim to improve the website only gradually. Improvements include of course to translate this page in all imaginable languages. But also menu guides or improvements to older texts.
We are planning on long term to use other Internet portals, for example like Facebook.

01.05.2016 New Idea: “Direct Statements”. Your Voice had been updated and there is now a banner for random Statements.

22.02.16 Some texts have been changed and hopefully improved (especially “about the Statements“)

14.02.2016 There is a new Text: Contradictions and Challenges

30.01.2016 We are now on Twitter

28.01.2016 A new Booklet is downloadable: Booklet 1 / 01.2016

06.01.2016 A new Booklet is downloadable: Heft 2 / 01.2016

07.12.2015 A new statement is now added every three days. Also There is the first Booklet, random statements and a list of Translations which are still needed.

17.11.2015 There are now informations about the categories and about what you could say.

8.11.2015 There is now a Facebook page.

6.11.2015 The translation of the website in French, English and German is largely finished.

29.10.2015 Now there is a search engine and random statements.

23.10.2015 Now you can directly see and access to the translations of the Statement.

19.10.2015 This blog has been officially released on the Internet.