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The Statements:

The idea of the statement is that people which have strong experience with (national) borders have to decide for themselves what they want to say and in which way. And that they do not have to justify themselves (again) to certain questions (such as “Why are you here?”).
The comments are uploaded, printed or distributed in other ways.

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The Language and Translation:

We get some difficulties by recording the statements and especially by their translations.
We try to record, reproduce and translate the statement as close and best as possible.
The priority lies not on a perfect translation and language. We also demand that every translation (if possible) should have at least a reference to the original.

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The Project:

The task of “Spread the Words” is to collect the ,often marginalized and isolated, voices of refugees and people who have or had strong experience with borders, and to put these individual expertise in the foreground. Our long-lasting goal is to as much as possible spread the whole Statements continuously and encourage people to participate in a variety of ways to do it.

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The Blog and the Updates:

At the moment of the appearance of the blog on the internet, one statement should be publish daily here. Our resources are unfortunately currently limited, so that we can aim to improve the website only gradually. Here you will be informed about updates and changes of the blog.

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We always can use every kind of help. Whether you translate, help to shape the blog, spread the statement, show us groups or projects we don’t know yet or have questions and suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Spread it!:

The people should be heard,for who the border and asylum policy is a strong reality of life or was. They are talking now, their are not talked about.
We ask all to spread the statements as good as possible in wide variety of ways. We hope that, on this website, the use of statements and the related experiences and reactions can be exchanged.

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The Categories:

Here you can find a short description to the different categories and can gain direct access to them.

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Links and Informations:

Here you can find a hopefully ever-expanding index, about various groups and projects. The thematic focus are quite clear the experiences and realities with (national) borders, the fight against these and other appropriate informations on this subject.Please complete this collection and updated them.

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Our Views:

Humans just have and can have a limited view of the “world(s)” and of “society(s)”. Because of
We are not free from discriminatory attitudes, but we try to see our own position in the society.
We think that Migration and travel should not be a crime or illegal. We criticize the current border and asylum policy of Europe and also of other countries around the world.

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