The Categories

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Here you can find a short description to the different categories and can gain direct access to them.

Language (original):

The original language means the one used, to record or write down the Statement. It can be that the person was translated, by wish, simultaneously. That is rarely the case, but it can happen because of languages barriers. All other languages are the one which were translated.

Here you find all original languages:  العربية / francais / english / deutsch / türk / فارسی



We try to make every Media possible, so the person can better decide how to do her or his Statement.

Here you find all Media: Audio / Text


Date (t):

The date tell you (more or likely) when the statement was recorded, not published.



Sometimes, statements are recorded or will be make during actions and events. The person was perhaps part of the action, or just somebody passing by.

Here you find all Events: March for Freedom 2014 (see also: /  March For Refugee Rights 2014 (Wij Zijn Hier) (see also:



We self recorded and record statements from different person, but we also used other source. The source must have a similar approach and there shouldn’t be specific questions. If the statement is from another source, we link it in the end of the post.

Here you find all Sources: Spread it / FreedomnotFrontex (see also: / Refugee Report (see also: