Statement: Tigisti Taklu


Tigisti Taklu-en

“I’m from Eritrea. My name is Tigisti Taklu. And I came here to holland for not to die, because there is a danger in my country. When I came, I leaved my son with my mother. She can not take care of him, because she is sick. I know, but I can not live there anymore, because I have problems. If I came here, I protect myself and then my son, but in Holland I’m on the street. I even cannot protect myself. How I’m living here, is very sad for me. I have to cry, I miss my son, I cannot help him. How he is, I don’t know. How is his life going, I have no idea. Also my live, I don’t have work, I don’t get to school, I don’t have money, also I don’t have for eating.

How many places are changing, you cannot count. One place, two days, one place, three days. Many, many places, you cannot count. Full of Stress it is for me in Holland. Not just for me, I see all my friends full of stress.

Holland, for women there is respect. They said this, but in Holland, for illegal people it is not working. I don’t understand this. Why does it not work for all women? We have to much troubles in Holland. It is better to die, but me, I don’t want to kill myself. Really, this one is not live.

Women need many things. Every month we have our periods. We need tampons and showers. Women is different from men. The needs are different. But when you are on the street, how to get this? How to get everything? It is very difficult for us, the streets. We need one room for one person. Normal Life. I want a normal life. Not just for me, but for all my friends.

Where in Holland are women rights? Nowhere. Where is Amnesty in Holland? Nothing.”

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