Statement: Anonymous


Anonymous 003-en

“This is the history of different Afghan people: The history I remember from my country is only war. War between my people, war between another people and my people. War between everybody just in my country. Everyday are dying more than 1000 people because of this war. The innocent people are dying. The innocent children lost their fathers or mother and should start to work because there is nobody to take care of them and send them to school. Small girls between eight to 16 years old have been married away just because their families cannot pay anything and just because they don’t have money. Yes, that is wrong but what should they do?? A brother is killing another brother because of money. A brother or a father is selling the sister or the daughter to rich people because of money. Why is all that stupid things happening in our country Afghanistan? It’s all because of the war which don’t have any end. We want to stay here because we want our children to have a better future and go to school and have a better life than our.”


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