Statement: Ali

Ali neu



“I left my country because of the biggest injustice from the government side. So I went to Libya with my family for a long time till the revolution of Libya happened. The I came to Italy by illegal boat, because I don’t know how to return back to my country, because of the dictatorship. So I’m scared that something will happened to me, same what happened to my father and brothers, which I lost because of the Government. For this reason I came to europe, to ask the security and safety. I stayed in Italy one year, then I came to germany to search for freedom and human rights. And I participated in the march for Freedom to pass my message to all people whom has interests.

I stayed in germany for one and half a year and I fell safe here, but I couldn’t find the total freedom in education mater or work or the good place to live. Until now, I don’t know what is my fate from the german government about the decision.

As a political man, I don’t have any kind of relation with the government in chad. This is the reason why I’m here in europe and I want from all the members of the european council to look at my case. And I would like to thank all the guys who supported us in march for Freedom.”

Translations: francais / deutsch