Statement: Anonymous


Anonymous 002-en

“I’ve been in Germany let’s say almost now four month. Before I came in Germany I’ve been in Denmark. So I stayed in Denmark let’s say almost one year. So, the reason I come here in Germany it’s because I have a little bit problem with the to call… danish government because basically they have a new idea about the Somalian people so… – to be a little bit crazy. See, I am born from let’s say Somalian father and my mother is a Yemeni – so it is not same country. But the problem is when I was in Denmark I have to proof I am Somalian. So, it will be hard, difficult to proof that because they just record my voice and they check it, I think, and after that, after two month they gave me result, they tell me you are not Somalian. So, I been in the court let’s say almost three times. In [immigration?] service let’s say more two or three times. Until now to them basics I still without country. So that’s why they give me first time negative because they tell me according to the law to give someone a reason to stay in the country you have to… they have to know where you come from. So that will be a little bit difficult how… to make them believe me. So that why I come to Germany.”

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