Statement: József Krasznai


“The Gypsies situation is no good in all the world because there is no jobs for Gypsies everywhere, every law refuses the Gypsy. In Europe the racism and antiziganism, it’s intensive. In every country born, laws for the Gypsies make them like Refugees and stop the refugee in the countries. The Gypsies people, 90% without jobs. The every country citizen, what thinks about the Gypsies? The Gypsies they steal my job, my welfare, my everything. For the European parliament we have to make a plan about the nazism, because in every country there will be more racists and nazis. In Hungary parliament the second president is a nazi. This men, when he was young in the 90, he was a skinhead, he fight and beat a lot of Gypsies. His name was in every news. Right now the Gypsies are killed not with guns but with the laws. This problem is in all old communist countries. They separated the Gypsies children from the citizens children. The Gypsies children don’t have a chance to find jobs, because who is teaching the children professionally? I wane send a message to all Gypsies. Make one very strong organization who stop all these problems. In this organization there is no country delegation, there is a Gypsy delegation.”

Translations: francais / deutsch