Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)

“Today I am very happy to see you to come to visit us and to see our situation. Because we have very bad situation and every day our situation is going up and going very bigger, it became biggest and we are near to … next month it will be snow so we think, more think, to get gases for to make hot tents, we need more food also we have needed to eat because hungry man is an angry man as I told you. Also… Just now also I am hungry, really I am hungry, I want to eat something even you have in your bag maybe you can give me something to eat. I think that … Also I think the situation not for myself also I think for everybody in this camp the situation went to change and we will get work, we will get work permit also I want also that this camp will be closed and everybody is going to get a work permit and his house, his own house also.. and also to be far from problems far from angry… maybe sometimes will be sick and how to go to the hospital to buy medicine? It is a problem… Because if you haven´t any money, you can´t go to the hospital and if a man became totally sick we will call ambulance and ambulance come to take him to [?hospital?]. Also we think we have very serious problem in this camp also. Even I have important things in this camp also.. we have also 6100 Euro to pay about electricity. The next Monday they are going to cut the electricity. If there is no electricity it is very bad because we use electricity to charge our telephones, we use also… some of us have some CD´s and also have also some CD´s to see some films, african film, european film and something. But if there is no light how we can do? The situation become more.. also some if there is light you can maybe buy some electric machines to make hot tents, to protect us. Also if there is no light it is a big problem so we have very big situation about light also to have to pay, if we didn’t pay until next week they are going to cut. Also we have serious problem about the food also it is very a very big problem. Now, yesterday, yesterday two o´clock pm we ate, after 24 hours now is still now, how many hours? More than 24 hours, so we didn’t eat nothing. Maybe I don´t know if there is no money maybe tomorrow also we will eat or we will not eat. I don´t know, so that why we have very serious problems, but our first problem is to eat, to get – if you are, you eat- you will be more strong, you have power but if you didn´t eat you will be sick, you are lazy and you are feeling bad, so you are not strong, and also you have problems for eyes you think more things, more problems, so that is .. by the grace of god, the system will change and everything will be well and organized, by the grace of god. Everybody will get his own work, his own department, his own maybe cars, if you are working you have to buy car also. So I think by the grace of god everything will be nice and well. But I don´t know a thing, it will be tomorrow, so today maybe I have situation, maybe tomorrow I´m ok. So by the grace of God everything will be ok and nice. And we are fighting! We are here to fight for ever. Our demands are how to get right to stay, right to work, right to read, right to go to school, right to also rent your own house, right to work and right to don´t think about people or to ask them people or to ask, to think about any donation for any other people, so you fight to get our rights. Because if there is really right in Europe, we are fighting about our rights. If they say that you don´t have any right, so everybody is going back to Africa to leave europeans paper, for me is that if there is really a right, I have to fight even I will be dead tomorrow, my brother is continue to fight. If he is dead, another also is going to continue. So the system for refugees is not created today, yesterday, before, so even I will be dead another person, people are continue the […], follow the system, this way for refugees. So we fight about our rights. And you will fight that we will get right. We will not fight … You have some rights but you don´t have all total right, but you have.. you fight about your right. You can´t fight right for another person if that is conceding to you. So I can´t say to beat the people or to cross a car or cross shops to say that is my right. No! Everybody has it own right, so you have to follow your right. I have to speak, I have to shout, give me this, this, I want this … so … I like … and I … all these things I said to europeans government, german government to see our situation and also to help us and also… I am happy also there is some supporters, some activist, some people who are giving us some, always donations, food clothes, they think about our situation more so I say for them thanks, thanks and God blessing everybody and God leave them long life and also God give them long fortune. I happy to all people who are giving us donations, are helping us and asking about our situation, they want to help. Like you, like she, you want also to help us, because you are looking always .. the situation are always bad, going down, going down. So that why I say thank you for everybody who support us and who are helping us. Thank you so much.”