Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)

“Why we don´t have this right to have our own movement?’ We are in December, after one year in Oranienplatz. I just like to speak about the situation at the moment. For the movement from the inside, outside, the last thing that happened around was for example they treat us about kicking us out from the Oplatz and also the Einsatz by the police that happened in the school last night – not last night, the day before, and we, me also in between of other people we couldn´t understand that. When there is some political demands none of them is satisfied. Why we don´t have this right to have our own movement? And the way we face always from the police or from the government or politician is trying to find some way to ignore or avoid or to make happy end for us. The people here, that´s my experience, they try to somehow solve the problem, personal problem of the people to just finish the movement and for me as a person who is political activist it is not understandable because if you solve some people problem that doesn´t mean that the problem is solved. If I just start to think about the problems, not just the stay in Kreuzberg or Berlin it would go to the Germany, european wide you see all, everything is related, this new relations between the government here and government around. Like just some days ago with Türkei, they made an agreement about giving them freedom of movement to the citizens of Turkey, but on the other hand, like other agreements with Nigeria-Embassy or Afghan- Embassy they want to keep the refugee there as much as possible out of Germany. So me as a person who comes from Iran just thought that, you know after this what will happen to the refugees, to the people who really have to escape from the border of Turkey and most of these people from Afghanistan and Iran go this border. So I don´t know, everything seems gets worse and worse. But all resistance also finds more and more problem. This is something that is not at all acceptable. And I don´t know what they expect…. For example if they can finish here everything, the discrimination will not be finished. So I hope not everything goes to this point that gets so much radical or so violent. This is not something that the people here want, one year, two years, fighting here shows that we are so much peaceful, so against war we have all experience, of war, discrimination: All these problems, domination, colonialism. So we are not the people who want to reproduce this problem. If they don´t let the people who are so peaceful in this right place to fight against all these problems, in a democratic peaceful way.. I don´t know what they expect, they expect that the people, the other I don´t maybe some extremist continue this fight, or what they want to do actually this is the question for me.”