We want to update the blog, but especially rethink the idea of the statements and their uses. This will take some time, but we want to publish the next statement at the first of September and from there to post again on a regular base.

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Although the subtitle “One voice a day” will still remain, we just not feel to have enough time and resources to post a statement a day on the blog. From the 07.12.2015 we are going to publish a statement every three days. We hope and intend to ensure that it will not be a permanent condition.

We don’t have uploaded new statements on the blog, the last few days. Again, we must unfortunately admit that we are currently not able to manage this task as we want, because we are also working on other points. Therefore, the next statement will only appear again at 06.03.16, and then again on regular basis for a longer time. We will remain active on Facebook and Twitter. As always, any help is appreciated.

There was no Statement published on the 18 and 21 of march, the next statement will appear the 24 of march.

We are working on some changes on the blog. We won’t publish Statements in the next time.

Hashim (33 years old) died on July 5th 2016.
He was politically active in the “Wij Zijn Hier” group in Amsterdam and participated in the “March for Freedom” (2014).
More information about the tragic incident can be found in these two articles (1/2)
Here are his two statements (1/2)

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01.05.2016 New Idea: “Direct Statements”. Your Voice had been updated and there is now a banner for random Statements.