Statement: Anonymous

“I’m from Somalia. I’ve been here now for, in Europe, for six years. Now I’m running six years. I came here when I was young. I was in another country. Its name is Belgium. I’ve been there for three and half year. I’ve done everything what they told me to done. I’ve been to normal school. I came here in Europe when I’m young. I lived there three years and half. I’ve done everything. I learned school. I have certificate. I have certificate for the, here they are used to call ‘Ausbildung’. Then the time when I finished my school they told me to move out their country. I came here in Germany. I thank German people they take me. They take my case. But I have one.. I have also problem in my future. Cause now I don’t see future, you know. The time when I was in Africa I had a problem. I moved from there, I came here. I think maybe this place Europe.. I mean in Europe, not in Germany cause now I … my life I see… is running, everywhere in Europe. I don’t see my future. So the main problem as… we as refugees we don’t have a future, you know. We don’t have a normal life as you people you used to live here, you know. We have different culture, different tribes, different… totally is different. But my point is: we need future. Especially me I need future. Cause I’ve been here – now I am running 6 years. But I don’t see the good system, I see the Babylon… it’s like Babylon system, you know. Cause they say, we take refugees, then we are inside they don’t help us and there is no alternative way to live. As in South Africa they take refugees, I’ve been there, they take refugees. They give you status to search work and they have work. But here, when you are outside the system you don’t have right. I tell you my real story. I’ve been stealer, I’ve been drug dealer, I’ve done everything in this six years in my life in Europe. So for me I see I come Europe not to solve my problem. I came Europe to become a criminal. And in my country I wasn’t in that kind of … criminal way or something else. For me, it is in my head, it is giving me stress to much, you know. But I think maybe these white people they changed to my mind to become a criminal and I don’t deserve it. That’s my real problem. I am here.. I say, thank Germany they take me, they give me this place. But I still, I don’t see future. My future.. I think anytime these German people they will say, hey, we don’t need you. Then I have to think another way where I can run, maybe another – Sweden, Canada, Australia, America. This is my original life, these things.. I’ve been here five years. The thing I see is: as a refugees we have to run everywhere. We don’t have right. You people you say we have right, but I don’t see the rights. That’s all.”

Translation: deutsch