Statement: Idriss Al Sir Mohamad Suhel


“Hey, my name is Idriss Al Sir Mohamad Suhel. I’m from Sudan. I passed from my country long time ago, like 16 years right now, because the war. From my city something happening and I lost everything and then I passed from my country to Egypt and then from Egypt I go to Jordanian to continue our live. Tja, and then I was studying in University and I finished four years and two years more for how do you cook and then I was working, five star hotel or something like that and then I lost it because I don’t have documents to stay legal in Dubai or Jordanian. And then I passed to Syria and then from Syria to Turkey and then from Turkey to Greece. When I come to Greece land I have, like around, 7000 Euro. This is what I spend for my work before and I try to go go from Griechenland, because racist people too much. They make from my brother, from the back, scare cross. And then when I see that and I can not believable like in this europe or in this Griechenland you make with these people and kill the people on the street and then I passed from Athena to Comuniza. And then I lost less, I think five thousand Euro, I don’t spend with me only two thousand with me. And then I go to Comuniza to go away from Griechenland, because I cannot stay without work, I cannot stay without money, I cannot stay without food. So this is the Griechenland. I don’t got chance, I try four times and the italy send me back to greece. I don’t got chance for apply, I don’t got chance for the border, I only got chance with walking. From Griechenland, Macedonia, serbia, Hungarian, Austria and then I come to germany. So I make asyl case here, I waited for that three years and I can not believable, I have to wait long time. And I lost from time, three years from greece and three years from germany. This six years from my life and then I passed from Munich to Braunschweig and I stay in Braunschweig. And then when I got my transfer, in germany this is what you mean, transfer, and then from that I come to Oranienplatz. Because we fight our right. Fight for stay legal, fight because we are right. Because no border, no nation. Stop deportation. And then since 2012 until 2015, sorry, 2014. And then the police came and also finished Oranienplatz. All people have to go away, if you don’t go away, they get you in the jail. And then I passed to the school in Ohlauer straße. In the Schule, Hauptman Schule is a very old school, ok? And we stay also one year or one year and half like this. And also the police come to get out, all the people from Refugee, go out. And it was the time, wintertime and it was snow also. And then we got on the roof nine days. I fight in the roof, nine days in the Ohlauerstr. The police wanted to take us out, ok I fight with the police, I, not like sure fight with the police, because you can not fight with the police, but make like, scare for go away from us. And the I got the jail, five months also. And then after the jail I go out and then I got three years to stay in germany, legal. And I waited for that three years and this around like my history, but I need to talk about it clear, in germany is so so difficult for Refugees. I know the history from german, but now the german like looking for us and you think like these the people right to stay in germany. And this about all.”