Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)

“My statement for today is: We are not here in Germany to be a problem to the people of Germany and to the german government. But we are here to survive. And we’ve really came a long way before we get to this point. How I personally and in behalf of my other colleagues would be really grateful if the people of Germany and the government of Germany can really assist us in times of our document -because we are legally permitted to stay. But we are having this problem not of allow to work which is a really big problem. And there is always this statement: A idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Because staying without doing anything then it’s like you are dying slowly. So and the best where we can really .. even the people from Germany and the german government can really see the best in us is by us giving us the opportunity to contribute positively to the society of Germany and the people of Germany. But if we are not given the opportunity – so how can we be recognized? So we need them to give us this opportunity to meet up to show what we have. Which I belief we are all talented one way or the other. But if the chances are not there how can we really make it? Because the situation it’s something we can not just talk about. Hopefully – we don’t know what the future may bring. But we are still here and strong. But I think it would be more better and good if we are giving the opportunity and the chance. For me as a person I know for the german government it’s really difficult because presently there is a heavy load in Germany- I know! Not only has the refugees. I know people come from other different parts of Europe – now want to stay in Germany because they are one of the countries with the best economy now in Europe. I know they are really having this problem but I think they should consider ours as a part of the society, as part of the community. Me and my people would really appreciate this if they can really do it for us. I think I am done.”

Translations: deutsch