Statement: El Mouthena


“First thing I want is freedom of movement and the papers for all and rights like citizen in Europe for all the people. No Frontex for Citizen. Why is Frontex existing only for the refugees and migrants?

I don’t care who you are and where you from, which color, which nationality you have, what I know what I care, we have same blood. And we are human beings. Nobody is more important than others. If you are any religion or any race or any are you must respect human being. Nobody going out of mother country because of nothing. He has something, if you wane help him, solve his problem first, after that ask him why he is here. Because if you ask something and you cannot help, better to not ask. What happened before is happened, now we are in the present and we fight for future. For that we are in tent camp in Brussels now. Different nationality and different colors and different problems. Refugees and immigrants. But we have same enemy. This message is from me to all brother and sister who are like me, to be strong and not give up until your get your rights. Nobody is stronger than others. It just government and the government is elected from citizens of countries where you are suffering. If you wane solve your problem you must mobilize those who select government. To stand up with you then you have power and can change something. And from today we must start working mobilizing in every country we are there, if you are refuge or migrant we don’t care you are human like us. And we support you.

El Mouthena

We are here”

Translations: francais / deutsch