Statement: Gerard



“Gerard, 39 years, from Burundi in detention center Rotterdam (NL) since 1st December 2013. He lived in the U.S.A, in Canada and when Canada deported him back to Burundi, he asked for asylum in the Netherlands. Rejected. Now he is for the 2nd time in detention. He suffers, is depressed. He wants a normal life. In Burundi he will be jailed for 12 years, because he is homosexual. He wants Freedom no Jail. He still believes in God. He thanks all freedom fighters for marching.”

Note: This is not a direct statement, it passed through other people (not just through translation) before it get on this blog. Also it is not clear if the people knew that they could talk about everything they want. But before this get lost, it find also his place here.

Translations: francais / deutsch