Statement: Ghani Usman



Ghani Usman-en

“I want to say about me why we come here. We have too much problems in our countries. I spend my life in problems. I come here in Germany, they are creating too much problems for us. We apply to asylum here and I’m also sick I have a big Illness. I have Hepatitis C and there is no treatment. I waste one year in Germany and all the doctors are saying they don’t want to help me. And after they are give me big problems. They want to deport me in Hungary, there they have my fingerprints. I wanna ask them why to do that with me? They have waste my one year. I think my older life is going with problems. You think about us. We are also humans like you, but you don’t wanna see us. So that’s why we are going to the long march for freedom. I think it is better for our future.”


Translations: francais / deutsch