Statement: Nagi Koko



Nagi Koko-en

„My message is I have two ideas about my message. One I’m suffering too much in my country because I fight long time for human rights. For my rights also, against the dictatorship regime in Sudan. Because when I grow up I saw many things not good like situation of my tribes Nuba in the Mountains. Long time they fight the government of Sundanese, because there is no right for us to get education, no right for us to get jobs and also no right to share our culture. And also we need in my country humans like everybody but every time there is war, war, war.

Another part of my life is here in Europe. I escaped from my country because I get myself in a risk situation. I’m coming here to get my right but everything is difficult here in my life. About two years and five months they don’t accept my case as asylum seeker, after that they put me in detention centrum 5 months. Everyday supposed to get a stamp in the morning like in prison. After that 7 months in real prison, in Airport of Amsterdam. After that from now I am in the street, without any right also without any care, like medical care, without any protection. But I fight with big group in Amsterdam, we are here a group. And now I think the march is good chance for me to fight for my right, and the right of my sisters and brothers.

I think march is a good chance to make unite of refugees and supporters to fight together against this racism system, this discrimination system like Dublin convention and Frontex because if you are put refugee without any care in Europe without shelter and without basic human rights this means killing refugees. Because that´s why we are here and we will fight freedom of movement is everybody’s right.



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