Statement: Omar




“The international Geneva Convention was established to protect refugees’ human rights in the first place. This means open a safe route beyond borders to save thousands of refugee lives, harbor and not kill asylum seekers in oceans or on lands, and establish offices overseas to help them come to safety and freedom. But instead of doing this European politicians hired a racist agency like Frontex, that kills refugees in the Mediterranean fleeing to Europe in their boats, or in lands, cut treaties with countries that have access to Europe. This is what law-makers have created for refugees beyond borders, and even worse: If they manage to come to Europe they will be deprived from their human rights like to move freely and unite with their family, and the right to work and integrate within their new European society because of the fact that most refugees get rejected, even if they are eligible, like in Germany, where the staggering rejection rate is more than 95%. European citizens have to remember that refugees are posing no danger to Europe and migration is not a crime, also they need to be granted a chance to contribute to the society where they live. I hope you can support laws that give equal human and civil rights for refugees, and bring social equality by sharing the same human right that European people are enjoying right now with immigrants and refugees.”


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