Statement: Mohammed Ishtiaq



Mohammed Ishtiaq-en

“I’m from Pakistan. And I also face too much problems in Pakistan. That’s why I come here in Germany but what I don’t know here they have too much problems for me. My house is four kilometers far from market and we don’t have bicycle and also don’t have buses. Then they are not approve our work permissions. People given us work but our Landesamt doesn’t accept it. We can’t go out of the Landkreis without permission. Neuulm is like a sweet jail. We can’t work, we can’t go out of city it’s a big problem. We are not birds, we are humans. We want freedom, for work, to go everywhere without permission. Because we don’t have papers there, we just have Ausweis there. I don’t wanna spend my all life in problems. I want to die happy. So that’s why I’m going to the long march for freedom. I have to appeal support from everybody. And thanks for everything.”

Translations: francais / deutsch