Statement: Abdirahim




“My name is Abdirahim, I’m from Somalia. I came in France 2008 and I seeked asylum. I was waiting for six months for the interview and then, when I got my interview, after one month I got negative. I took a recourse against this decision and I was waiting for two years and a half for the high court and they rejected me, in total it was three years. After the high court decision was negative, again I took a recourse for one year and half and again it was negative. And the migration police send me a letter that said you have to move out from France in one month. I respected the law and came in Germany and I seeked asylum. Then I told them everything about my history from France, to tell them I requested here my asylum. Then they said ok, we gone contact France authority, if France accept to take your responsibility we will send you back to France. If France said no, Germany taking charge of your asylum. They send my case to France and France said ok, send him back. And the Bundesamt try to deport me to France. It did not happened, my deportation was cancelled and I didn’t want to go back there. I waited for five years and they didn’t want me. If I would go back there, I would live on the streets or be deported to my country. If they deported me to Somalia there are still the problems I fleet before. And I don’t want to go back. If I go back it would be a danger for my live. I request from German government to accept my asylum.”

Translations: francais / deutsch