Statement: Hindiyo



“I’m from Somalia. I came in Netherlands 2010. I asked asylum, then they reject my asylum procedure. Then they put me in a refugee camp. I was living 2 ½ years in the refugee camp. And then they put me outside in April 2013. Then I came in in Amsterdam and joined the group “we are here”. I participate with the demonstrations and movement. I didn’t get my right as a human being. In Holland, they treat refugees very badly. As you living in the street you don’t have health insurance, food, shelter and also you don’t have incomes. For me, it was very difficult, that I don’t have family in Holland and also in Somalia. I had nobody to call mine or to share my problems, apart from the group “We are here”. I also become sick when I was living in the street, my red-blood cells becomes low and I was admitted to the hospital. And the Doctor said, you have to eat some fruits and vegetables. But it was difficult for me, because I hadn’t anything to buy. There is war in my country, but I never faced such a problem, then I faced in Holland. I didn’t come to this country by myself, I came with Visa and still I didn’t get my rights. They took my fingerprints and I can’t ask in another country of Europe. Because, if I do that, I will be deported back. This is my historical life, I came across. And I will tell it my children later.”

Translations: francais / deutsch