Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)


Anonymous (Berlin) 004-en

“My statement goes to the german society. And it is a call. I want to call the german society to be more sensitive to peoples situation and to understand or try to understand what people make talk the way they talk and what makes the people take steps the steps they take and what it would mean if it was opposite. If you would have to flee from Germany to somewhere else. So this people they arrive here and then they reach a society that is closed for what reason ever. The society of Germany is not open for people who enter the country and specially if this people are in need. But if you have big money you are welcome and if you have knowledge you are welcome. That means they are only up to suck resources like natural resources and it goes on like sucking people´s intelligence. That means if they give you green card for America or paper for Europe because you are a good mathematician or physician or whatever then they would like take you and give you money. Or if you a good sports man, you don´t even speak german, you would get german paper tomorrow to play for the national team. And this is not fair. The society, it is the duty of the society to change this things. It is not the politics. The politics should be in the hand of the society if it is a democratic country or whatever, you know Rechtsstaat. If they talk about it then the people should take the power and tell the politics and I mean they decide the direction of the politics. But how it is running now, politics are dictated by money, by big companies and by big lobbyists. And this was in Hitler time like this, before Hitler time it was like this and now the question is if this society is ready to change. And this is like, for themselves. We are not asking the society to change so we have it better, but it is also for them because all the other societies, they have kind of structure that is more welcoming people and more familiar. That means the structure of family in Germany is totally destroyed and this you can see it in the rest of your life if you go to work or you do political movement.”


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