Statement: Bushra Hussein


Bushra Hussein-en

“My name is Bushra Hussein and I’m from Somalia. I’m living five years in Holland. I come across many different problems against Refugees in Holland. Refugees are not treated like Human beings. They take the fingerprints and then they throw them outside, in the streets. Without eating, drinking and also without shelter. If you go out the country, they will bring you back and put you into detention center. Sometimes they throw outside pregnant women, old people and and also sick people. In Amsterdam we have a group of Refugees called “Wij zijn hier”. We started our demonstrations, because we wanted our rights as Human being and we wanted to show europe and the World how Refugees are treated in Holland. But unfortunately, Holland push us and put us in detention center. But they release us later, but still some people are in the detention center.

The reason why there remain some people in the detention center, they want to stop our rights and demonstrations. And up to now, we are continuing our demonstrations, but we still don’t have any solution from the government. In the time we are continuing our demonstrations, some people get sick and they die. One guy fall down the water. And the police didn’t do any investigation, if he was throwing himself or if other people pushed him in the water. Another boy fall down the building we are living in. And now he is in the coma, almost three months. The day he fall down, we called the police and the ambulance, but when they came, they refuse to enter the building and take him to the hospital. Somebody’s life is in risk and they are making jokes of him, that is the kind of racism. When I was coming in Holland, I had a dream. I will get better education and better healthcare and I can build my future. But my dream didn’t come true. Instead of getting education, they throw me outside and I became a refugee who was wandering through the street of Holland.”

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