Statement: Omar



“I came from Somalia, because my country and my family were destroyed by war. I had one option, to run away. I came to Kenya. The largest journey of my life, started in Kenya. Because I’m searching for a good life and establishing it. In Kenya I don’t have documents, don’t have a family and I don’t see the people supporting me, than I run to Uganda, then in South Sudan. I stayed in south Sudan eight months. At that time, life is not good, I don’t have a right. I live like a animal, because that time, I’m very young. At last I take the decision to go to another country. Then I’m going to Sudan, then to Libya. Really, this journey is very, very, very, hard. It is not easy, because I don’t have a passport. And I don’t have catering for the journey, like eating or pocket money. My life is very stress that time. I take the decision to go to europe. I hope in europe to have a good life and education and integration. I won, because I arrived in Europe in Italy in November. I see a difficult situation, different from my imagination. Because Italy Government say, we don’t have the houses, we have more and more refugees. Then I don’t lose my hope to get a good school, a good education and a good life. And I started my journey to come to Deutschland. Now I’m in Deutschland, I’m very happy, happy, happy. Because I have what I have dreamed, a house, a school and people who are supporting me. Now I think, I can make reality what is in my heart, in my dreams. And now I’m starting to make my plan for the future to be a international journalist and help people. Thank you Deutschland.

Now, I have one problem. My problem is the reason of my talking, the fingerprints. Dublin, a case for Dublin. And the police is coming for me and say go back to Italy. By force. Italy is a big and beautiful country, but I don’t have a right there. I have a hope, and I don’t lose my hope. Thank you.”

Translations: francais / deutsch