Statement: Mohammed Potsdam


Mohammed Potsdam-en

“Now, life is like this. Sometimes, every sunday we go to Babelsberg and play football. But today, we didn’t go there, because we had a visitor. It was one of the best sundays, we enjoy it. We expecting anything from this week or next week, like a interview or about the process to get documents much quicker. And now we don’t do anything. There are two somalian guys, one of them they are taking him back to Italy, the other one is playing now in Babelsberg. We don’t have work, we just eat and sleep. We just rely on that money we get monthly from the social. It is not enough. It is little money. Maybe we want to buy something, like cloths, winter-jackets, because it is cold. We would like to get work, but we can’t work because of the papers. One day, one time, we all hope to get our documents. All of us, we don’t came from the same part of Somalia, but we become brothers, know each other very well.”

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