Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)


Anonymous (Berlin) 003-en

“Born Kingston Jamaica but I lived in Mexico, city Mexico- Mexican nationality. I came here to Germany on the 24th of december 2012. Seeking asylum because of political reasons. I had problems with the mafia in Mexico which is also the government. So I came here seeking asylum- hoping for, expecting a better life but after a few months I began to see that- can I curse? Can I curse? Good! I began to see that shit wasn’t sweet, you know, shit was messed up and they, you know, the Europeans talk a lot about equality and all that stuff but really there is a whole- a lot of racism involved in everything because in the Lager in that I was I’ve seen a lot of racial profiling. And shit! It’s just like- now I am thinking twice if it’s worth staying here. I mean Germany is cool, you people are cool, like you guys, you know, you are all cool but the policy is all fucked up, you know. They give us Ausweis and they tell us- ok you can’t leave the area you are, I mean Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you can’t leave that area you have to stay here. If you want to leave you have to ask for permission. Now they have new laws that say if you leave the Heim without permission they won’t give you the economical assistance anymore and all kind of stuff. You can’t have visitors, you’re not allowed to work, we don’t have classes in my Heim, we don’t have German classes- so I’ve been here one year and I don’t speak any German. Nobody wants to teach me and stuff. So basically- I am sad. That’s the deal, basically I am sad. I am sad- I don’t know what to do, who can help me, how I can fix my life because I came here for a better life but shit. It’s going down hill. And basically- shit! That’s just it. I’m sorry for cursing too much. I curse a lot, I am sorry.

Yeah- that’s it. I came to Berlin and I saw all my brothers here in this situation. It hurts, you know, it hurts a lot to see them like this. And I don’t know why they keep them here. It’s easy! Why don´t the government just pass a law and says- ok, everybody can work and take care of his- or herself. Why do they want to control us? Why are they afraid to accept us as refugees here in Germany? And other countries have accepted germans, you know, Albert Einstein was German- seeked asylum in the United States. He went to the States, he got the chance. He is now known as the most brilliant mind ever. So if they give us the chance we can do something like that as well. But they don’t want to give us any chances. It’s sad- it hurts. As I just said- I am just sad. I don’t know. If I’m talking I might cry. If I am going on talking I might cry. I am very sensitive, you see- so. So that’s basically it.”

Translation: francais / deutsch