Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)


Anonymous (Berlin) 002-en

“Here we are in Berlin- the refugees are suffering a lot. They don’t have right to work, they don’t have right to movement- the situation is really bad and law is pressuring them- too much. So that is not good and is supposed to change- for a better situation for them. Please and please let our message go out to the public and they know what is our problem and what are we suffering- suppose- they know all and try to change this situation- because some of them- they are hanging and killing themselves. They kill themselves. Because why- because of problem, they have a lot of problems. They come from problem and again they face problems. Some of them they come from Libya, they stay in Libya. They have good life, they have good business, they have good work but European people- they go there and fuck up there all in Libya- all the companies- some people have workshop, some people have business- fuck up all- European people. And we come here and they deny us, they don’t accept us. So please and please let our message the public all send them and try to change the situation- and people live better because people are suffering a lot every day- an every day suffering and there is no incoming and there is no- there is no one to look after them and there is no one taking care- so you have a big problem. Please and please- everyone let know our message and read our message and come help us here in school. So we have a big problem- totally kaputt. People are losing their brain. Most of them- they lose their brain. And most of them are going crazy. So people are suffering a lot- suppose the situation change- better situation. That’s not good. Please and please send our message all over Germany- let them know what’s this problem for the refugees. Why they are suffering, why they are crying- everything. They don’t have no place to live good, they don’t have work, they don’t have nothing and they are crying everyday. So that is not good. Please and please let them know our problem and they can come help us and they can meet us and they can talk to us and we will find a solution to come together and change this situation, really bad. A lot of people being crazy- so that’s not good. Thank you very much.”

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