Statement: Kingsley Danso



Kingsley Danso-en

“I just want to say something about the system. So I think the first topic is the system. What I want to say about the system is, the system has to change for the people. Because the people who travels around the world especially people who comes to Europe. If I said people who comes to Europe I mean especially the Africans. They really find it difficult to come to Europe. And a lot of them dies on the way. It starts from the desert, to cross the desert it’s even more dangerous and also to cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe it’s also very dangerous. So I think all these is like gambling. Why I’m saying it’s gambling, it is because like somebody decide to risk his life for come to Europe for a better life and when they arrive here, they find it very difficult to survive. Because the police is very aggressive with these people. And these people think when they come to Europe life would be better here than in Africa. And after risking to be in Europe they face deportation back to Africa. So in the end you have risk your life for nothing. And those who died, died for nothing. So I just want to tell the European governments to think off the life of the poor people who travels from all around the world to Europe. They should, at least, find a solution for these people because each day and time new people are coming and each day and time new people get deported. So to me it makes no sense to allowed these people to come so they get deported back again. So I think the European government musts give the people safety. And also the system has to change so the people can be free.”

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