Statement: Abdullah



“My name is Abdullah from Somalia. I came to Netherlands 2012 to have a safe situation. Because everybody knows how the situation in Somalia is, so I thought I can get the basic human rights. As I heard before, they are very nice about the human rights here. That’s what all are hearing in Africa. But when I came here I see the reality. It was the opposite of what I thought. I saw people dying, living on the streets. I saw people be treated less than animals. I saw people without shelter, food, medication, also during winter. Also the squat place don’t have heating, the people are suffering.

That is why we are here, to protest against this political system in Netherlands and Europe. And we hope to get a normal live, like everybody else in this country. Because we are all human beings, even if we have different colours or came from different parts, we all came from the same place. And also, at some time, we will end all go to the same place.

We came all from the soil and go back to the soil. Why is there no equality? And all religions asking to live equal on this life.”

Translations: francais / deutsch