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Hashim (33 years old) died on July 5th 2016.
He was politically active in the “Wij Zijn Hier” group in Amsterdam and participated in the “March for Freedom” (2014).
More information about the tragic incident can be found in these two articles (1/2)
Here are his two statements (1/2)

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Statement: Maous

“Wah boufebare nope yakoy dege nio warawher

Dalal ak jame manla sen rak Maous wala Ousmane. Mangifi si Allemagne. Damalen beuge wah linga hamne monla doundou si sama yonbi lico diele Africa ba Europe. Nioun hamnaniou Afrik dafa meti. Amuniou dara wante niakounioun dara. Danio beuge rafettal sounou doundou. Daniouy wahne koudoul  tou ki dou ham fou deke nehe. Kouniam ham lamouy saf. Thi bes bi nga hamne whana sama yay ne damay dem Europe Hawma ne ndah sama yay contana wala merona. Hawma ndah dioyona wala retannona. Linga hamne gentenako Africa moy Europe nit manafe ligey teamfi halis. Telolou degela amna ligey te amna halis wante niom beugeniou seddo ak nioun. Niom beugeniou deke ak nioun si bene deke. Niom danioun dioh ›Heim‹ bou sori dekebi. Fofou amul dara. Fofu dafa meti. Ndahte nie beugeniou seddo ak nioun dara ndahte nioum halatnaniou nioun amouniou place fini. Thi bess bi nga hamne dielna sama sak tekko si sama mbagemi ma won sama yay genau ma continue dem. Hawma ndah dina gisati sama yay encore. Galla diel dem Dakar. Fofou la diele bus dem Maroc. Lima gena rethiou moy niete wher yima fanan si alle Maroc. Hawma won keur hana rek si allebi la don doundou. Si diamono bi diemna diourom bene yon ak sodiak ngir dem Espagne. Yomboul fofou litah yomboul ndah fofou nonu battaux you mag yinga hamne nioy traferse fofou. Kou defli ragaloul dè. Mom ragaloul dè ndahte mom dèna paparé wante moungi doundou. Hana yaram bi rek mofinek wante rouhou bi demna. Bou bouryar mosana am daniouy contan ndah militaryi douniougis. diorom binne yow dialoul boudialoul lolou moy marienmarokenbi moniou diap yobouniou kasso. magilen diladj kan siyen mo begeu fanan si alle? Metiwona lol halis bi nioudon am si auto bahn bi la nioudon tahaw talal sounou loho telolou hamouniouco sounoudek defnaniouco litah liniou dounde ak liniou nan laniou begeun. Nekoulne hamnanio lolou yagi heh di heh di heh ba europ fi gena metti afrika lep li niou sohla amnafi wante douniouco am yagi begue ligey amnafi waye waro ligey. loutah? Yen europ figen dioudo main nekoulne yenaco tan. Afriken yi douniom tamid niotanal sen bop nioun comparan naniou yen dagen niou ragal lol yen hamoulen niou ngen harito ak ngaide molen genal ngen harito aknioun nioun begue na nioulen ham wante  yen begue len. loutah? ndah nioun amouniou dara wala nioun danio salte wala danio febar beppe febar boubon niounla lep lou niaw niounla. Si afrik laniohamene boamoul dara lep lu rer keurga yowla lep loulen manque ki amoul dara momla si degedege kiga hamne amna lep te momouco moy europ. Danio begue ligey wante niougi tedde. sounou yaram mougimetti. Si afika tamid yomboul wante daniouy dem ligey. Si besbi am 10 euro wala 5 lolou doyna niou. wante dou famibi yep danio begue occuper sounou bop amouniou dara wante contanna niou. yen niou besnie fi degloulen lilen dinit ni di wah ndahte kouy wah deded dafa fek gissoco sonounaniou si tedebi niogi wah si wolof boy doh diga tasek sawarsag nioun danio wara dadjiek nitnie ndahte nie hamou niou te douniou mosaham naniou def liniou man fi amna nit niou bah ak niou bon afrika eussi amna niou bah ak niou bon warnanio hamne yomboul besbiga dioudo sa youhou boundiek moy yagi niow fo hamne diafe diafe kessela moy adouna heh heh heh yalla diapaleniou. tega hamne niowago.”

When words are sick, the ear that hears them needs to be healthy

Welcome, I am your brother Maous or Ousmane. I am here in Germany. I want to tell you what I have experienced on my way from Africa to Europe. We know it is hard in Africa, we have nothing, but we also lack nothing. We only want to make our life better. We say, someone who doesn’t go on a journey can not know where a good country is. Only someone who tastes, knows what tastes good. On this day I have told my mother, that I go to Europe. I don’t know if my mother was happy or if she was nervous. I don’t know if she laughed or cried. And what it was I dreamt of in Africa, it was that one can work good in Europe and earn money. And that is true, there is work and there is money, but they don’t want to share these things with us. They also don’t want us to life in the same town as them. They give us a ›Heim‹ (›Home‹) far away from the town. There is nothing. There it is hard. They don’t want to share with us, because they think, we don’t have a place here. On this day I put my backpack over my shoulder, I left my mother behind me and kept on walking. I don’t know if I will see her again or not. I traveled with the ship to Dakar and from there with the bus to Morocco. What I regret the most are the three months that I slept in the woods in Marokko. I didn’t know a house, only in the woods I lived. In this time I at least tried 6 times to get to Spain with a rubber dinghy. It is not easy to get across the sea past the big containerships. Someone who does that hast no fear of death. You have no fear of death, because you already died, whilst you are still alive. Only the body was there, the soul was gone. We always were happy when there was fog, then the military can not see us. 6 times it didn’t work. It didn’t work, in other words the moroccan marine takes us out of the sea and sends us to prison. I ask you, who of you wants to sleep in the woods? It was hard. And this money we did get, it comes from the highway. We are standing at the highway with outstretched hand and asked for money. This is something we never did in the country we come from. We have done that because we needed something to eat and to drink, not because we know of this.
You have fought, fought, fought until Europe. And here it is a lot more difficult then in Africa, because everything you need exist here, but you cannot have it. You want work, there is work, but you are not allowed to work. Why? And you (the white people) are born here and raised and you didn’t chose it. And us Africans we are born and raised without choosing where. We Africans understand this. But you are scared of us. You don’t know us.  You are friendlier with a lion then with us. Us Africans, we want to get to know you, but you don’t want to. Why? You don’t want it because we have nothing and because we are dirty, we are sick and unhealthy. All illnesses you can think of is us. Anything that is bad is us. In Africa we already knew, that if someone has nothing and somewhere suddenly something is missing, that then they say, the one who has nothing took it. Everything they are missing, they search for they believe you took. In reality, them who have it all, took it off someone.  This is Europe. We want to work and have only been lying in bed. All our bones hurt. Africa is hard too, but we work nevertheless. We just try to earn 5 or 10 Euros a day. That is enough for us, but not for the whole family we want to take care of. We have nothing but we are happy.
You are new here, but you have to listen to what the people say. Because if say ›no‹ this only means you haven’t seen it yet.
We are tired from lying. In Wolof, we say, only when you move you find your luck. We need to meet people, because they don’t know us and they will not know you. We do what we can, here there are good and bad people and back home in Africa it is exactly the same. We have to understand it is not easy. On the first day, the day you were born your first cry meant you are coming to a hard world. The first cry means you are coming somewhere where it is not easy. Fight, fight, fight and then god can help us. You have not arrived yet.

Other Translations: deutsch

Statement: هاشم


انا لاجئ هجرت بلادي لاسباب أمنية وسياسية وسياسات تضظهدالانسانية واتيت الي اروبا لان الاروبيين يؤمنون بحقوق الانسان التي اسست منذ زمن بعيد .لقد واجهت معانات شديدة بعد ان دخلت الي اليونان منها الاضظهاد للسود وانتهاك حقوق الانسان وليس هناك اي حقوق للاجئ من مسكن أو عمل او علاح حتي لا تملك قوت يومك او حرية التنقل مع عدم توفير سبل الاندماج في المجتمع الاروبي ولمدة ظويلة ظللت اعاني من ظروف انسانية حرجه هناك ممااضظررت الي النزوح الي دولة اوربية اخري توفر حقوق انسانية افضل ولكن من المؤسف انه لاتوجد فروقات كبيرة بين الدول الاروبية في اضظهاد حقوق اللاجئ وعدم توفير الاوراق والحقوق المواطنبة والاندماج وسط المجتمع الاروبي ووضع اللاجئ في ظروف سئية وعزله عن المجتمع الاروبي ممااجد نفسي في دوامة ليس لديهانهايةوتشعر ان ليس لديك وجود طبيعي في .الحياة وقتل كل الطموحات الفكرية ببطئ ومن اكبر المعانات التي واجهتها بعد طلبي اللجوء في هولنداهي الرفض التعسفي لطلب اللجوءوبعد رفض الطلب اواجه المعاناة الحقيقية التي تكمن في دخول السجن لمدة طويلة وعدم وجود ماوي او اي من سيل الحياة الكريمة وعدم وجود استقرار نفسي والعيش تحت الخوف من الاعتقال في اي لحظة من اي جهة امنية اوبواسطة السلطات المعنيةمما يسبب باحساس انك تهرب من اضطهاد الي اضظهادمن نوع اخر


I am a refugee, I left my country for security and political measures, and fleeing from politics that violate humanity. I came to Europe cause European believe in human rights which have been established there for long time. Unfortunately, I have faced lots of severe hardships after I made it to Greece. Part of it is the oppression against dark skin people, violating the refugee’s human rights, there is not any human rights for refugees in Greece. Like accommodation, or employment, or medical treatment. Even you don’t have the basic necessity of food sustain for your self and keep a life, or the freedom of moving freely in the country. Worst, having all avenues to be blocked to integrate refugees in European society’s regular life, and for long time I was suffering from exceptional harsh circumstance there. What forced me to leave to another European country, that would provide better human rights for a refugee, but unfortunately, there are no big differences between European countries. As far as violating and repressing the refugee’s right, slacking and delaying in processing and issuing residency papers for refugees, practicing unfair and unequal citizen right, preventing refugees from integrating freely within the European society. And put refugees in harsh circumstances, in isolation camps away from citizens and regular life, thus I’ve found my self in unending spins of whirl, feeling that I don’t have a normal existence in life, and all of my intellectual ambition died within me in a slow motion and some of my harsh experiences and suffering. After I’ve applied for asylum in Holland, is the unjustifiable rejection of my asylum application, after this rejection I’ve been faced by the harsh reality of endless suffering without papers in Europe which lays in being subject to be controlled based on color and being put in jail, and detention center for a long time. And not have any access as a refugee for a decent life, lacking all kind of psychological stability, living under constant fear that any time I could get arrested by any of the immigration’s polices or any other authorities in charge of controlling refugees , which put me under the feeling that you have fled oppression to a different kind of oppression.


Note: Hashim (33 years old) died on July 5th 2016. He was politically active in the “Wij Zijn Hier” group in Amsterdam and participated in the “March for Freedom” (2014). More information about the tragic incident can be found in these two articles (1/2)

other Translations: francais


Ik ben een vluchteling.
Ik verliet mijn land om veiligheidsredenen en vanwege de politieke maatregelen, ik vluchtte voor een politiek die de menselijkheid geweld aandoet.
Ik kwam naar Europa omdat Europeanen geloven in mensenrechten, die daar al lang geleden zijn ingesteld.
Ongelukkig genoeg heb ik me tegenover zeer ernstige problemen geplaatst gezien nadat ik in Griekenland was geraakt. Onderdeel hiervan is de onderdrukking van mensen met een zwarte huid, het schenden van de mensenrechten van een vluchteling. Er bestaan geen mensenrechten voor vluchtelingen in Griekenland. Zoals dat van huisvesting, werk en medische verzorging. Zelfs in de basisbehoefte aan voldoende voedsel om in leven te blijven wordt niet voorzoen, noch geniet je bewegingsvrijheid binnen het land.
Het ergst, alle wegen voor vluchtelingen om te integreren in het normale maatschappelijke leven in Europa zijn geblokkeerd, en lange tijd leed ik daar onder uitzonderlijk zware omstandigheden.
Wat me er toe dwong naar een ander Europees land te vertrekken, een dat zou voorzien in betere mensenrechten voor vluchtelingen. Maar jammer genoeg zijn er geen grote verschillen tussen de landen in Europa.
Als het gaat om het schenden en onderdrukken van het recht van een vluchteling, het vertragen en uitstellen van de procedure en het verstrekken van verblijfspapieren voor vluchtelingen, het unfair en ongelijk toepassen van het burgerrecht, en het verhinderen van vluchtelingen om vrij te integreren in de Europese maatschappij. Als het gaat om het brengen van vluchtelingen in wrede omstandigheden, in isolatiekampen weg van de burgers en het normale leven.
Zo geraakte ik in een oneindige beweging van draaikolken, met het gevoel geen normaal bestaan te hebben, en zo stierf elke intellectuele ambitie in slow motion in mij als gevolg van mijn wrede ervaringen en lijden.
Nadat ik in Nederland asiel had aangevraagd, is daar de niet te rechtvaardigen afwijzing van mijn asielverzoek, waarna ik ben geconfronteerd met de wrede werkelijkheid van het eindeloze lijden van het zonder papieren in Europa zijn, dat erin bestaat altijd subject te zijn van controle op basis van huidkleur, van in de gevangenis te worden geworpen en voor lange tijd in een detentiecentrum.
En terwijl ik als vluchteling geen enkele toegang heb tot een normaal leven, mij elke vorm van psychologische stabiliteit ontbreekt, levend in voortdurende angst om elk moment gearresteerd te worden door een van de immigratieagenten of andere autoriteiten belast met het controleren van vluchtelingen, bekruipt mij het gevoel dat ik gevlucht ben voor onderdrukking om in een ander soort onderdrukking terecht te komen.

from the same person: Statement: Hashim


Statement: Turgay


„Diese Bewegung heisst Refugee streikt. Wir sind seit zwei Jahren auf der Straße. Bis jetzt wir haben viele verschiedene Aktionen organisiert. Gegen Residenzpflicht, gegen Lager, gegen die Abschiebung aber bis jetzt vom Senat, vom Parlament oder von Gerichten keine positive Antwort. Immer von Regierung die gleiche Taktik. Ersteinmal die haben gesagt willkommen Geflüchtete hier und dann die haben für die Räumung und für die Abschiebung ein Angebot gegeben aber danach viele Flüchtlinge Gruppen einen Schlafplatz gegeben. Aber drei Monate später alles haben geräumt und jetzt 108 Leute haben Abschiebung und vorgestern auch alle Schlafplätze geräumt. Ohne alternativ die Leute einfach auf der Straße gegangen und die wollen jetzt auch unsere besetzte Schule räumen, das ist jetzt aktuelle Situation. Aber sie haben vorher auch, viel Polizei attackiert, nasa(?) attackiert oder von den Regierungen viele gedruckt aber die Bewegung ist nicht geendet. Wir wollen weiter gehen, wir haben am 14 November eine Refugee Konferenz, wir haben alle verschieden Refugee Gruppen und antikapitalist und antirassistische Bewegungen eingeladen. Wir wollen wieder sprechen für die Zukunft, wir wollen wieder stärker sein. Ja das ist die Bewegung für die Deutschland ist ganz neue weil vorher viele Projekt, viele Kampagnen von draussen, von den NGO Gruppen, aber seit zwei Jahren die geflüchteten selbst organisiert weil 2012 in Würzburg ein Lager, ein iranischer Flüchtling hat Selbstmord, Mohammed Rhasepar und danach eine Hungerstreik organisiert und dann wir haben ein camp organisiert in Erfurt, heisst „break isolation“ camp. Viele lokal Gruppen da getroffen und dann wir haben Gedanken jetzt wir brauchen eine große Protest. Wir sind von Würzburg nach Berlin gelaufen. 600 km und danach in Berlin Oranien-platz besetzt ein Zelt, viele Zelte aufgebaut. Aber und danach Dilek Kolat hat einen Vorschlag gegeben für die Lampedusa Status, bis sechs Monate Duldung für die aslystatus, asylrechte geben. Die haben gesagt, aber wir haben nicht akzeptiert die Delegation Gruppe aber eine Gruppe haben akzeptieren und mit geräumt Oranienplatz mit Polizei, SPD, grüne alles mitgemacht. Die ganzen Medien haben geschrieben das ist friedliche Lösung weil wir sind seit ein anderthalb Jahre im O-platz gelebt im Zelt. Die haben gesagt das ist nicht humanitär, nicht gut , ist kalt nicht gesund und nicht sauber. Und haben den verschiedenen Leuten Appartement gegeben, aber das Problem gibt gesetzte in Deutschland Dublin zwei, Dublin drei. Wir haben gesagt dieser Vorschlag hat keine Garantie. Für die bleiben, Bleiberecht und der Senat hat gesagt, aber wir sind offiziell ein Papier untergeschrieben warum sie haben keine vertrag ja und dann drei Monate später alle Abschiebung und Räumung das ist Realität weil bis jetzt keine Lösung für die Flüchtlinge Problematik von Senat, von Regierung weil die wollen immer Waffen einkaufen krieg machen, aber die wollen keine Flüchtlinge hier. Das ist Problem. Und unsere Lösung, praktische Lösung, weil die rassistische und kolonialistische gesetzte nicht geändert. Aber wir haben seit zwei Jahren schon die Residenzpflicht und Lager Abschiebungssystem gebrochen. Wir leben auf der Straße selbst ein kommunal leben denn unsere Lösung ist auf der Straße weil wir haben keine andere Chance, keine andere Lebensplatz, Arbeitsverbot für uns und keine Freibewegung aber wir wollen nicht in Lager bleiben, weil die Lager System die letzten Monaten alle Medien haben geschrieben zum Beispiel ein Lager hat Folter von der Security, aber nicht nur ein Lager, weil viele Lager gibt Folter und Gewalt von Security oder von Polizei. Aber die Medien haben nicht gesehen das Problem und auch wir haben viele neue Aktion formen gebracht, für die deutschen linken Bewegungen. Wir haben auf baum besetzt, auf Dach besetzt gegen die Räumung. Die müssen lernen von der Refugee Bewegung weil es gibt keine gute Protest Bewegung in Deutschland, das ist das Problem, weil alle Unterstützer haben gesagt, oh wir haben kein Problem, wir sind nur unterstützer, das Problem ist nur Flüchtling Problem. Aber das ist falsch, falsche Analyse und falsche Position weil es gibt viele antidemokratische gesetzt in Deutschland. Das erste mal muss die deutschen Leute interessieren diese Antidemokratie gesetzte, nicht nur Flüchtlinge. Warum die gesetzt geht weiter? Weil keine gute Protestbewegung in Deutschland. Mein deutsch ist fertig“


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From the same person: Statement: Turgay

Statement: Aziza

“Aidez les enfants qui sont ne ici et les familles qui habitent ici depuis longtemps. Car ils sont allé ici a l’école et ils parlent français. Comment retourner dans le pays? Ils n’ont pas de papier de ce pays, ni d’ici. Comment ça ce fait que la Belgique elle a demandé aux étrangers de rester ici? On a fait la demande de régulation. Après on a eu la carte pour un an. Et après la carte a été tirer et on nous a demandé de quitter le trottoir. Maintenant on a redemandé la carte, ils nous disent non. Maggie De Block nous a retiré la carte. Il faut nous aider ici!”

Help the children which are born here and the families which are living here since a long time. Because they did go to school here and they speak french. How can you go back to the country? They don’t have paper from this country neither from here. How is it possible that Belgium ask foreigners to stay here? We made the demand for the regulation. After, we get the card for one year. And then the card was token from us and they asked us to leave the sidewalk. Now we asked again for the card, they say us no. Maggie De Block took our card away. We needed to be helped here!

other Translations: deutsch

Statement: موسي أدم

لقد اتيت من مكان بعيد من مدينة اسمها نيالا في السودان دخلت الي اروبا عبر البحر الابيض المتوسط الي لامبدوزا ايطاليا وانا لا امتلك اوراق او عمل او مكان للسكن وانا في وضع انساني سئ وغير مريح انا ابحث عن الحرية واتمني ان اتحصل علي اوراق ليكون عندي حرية التحرك والسفر والعمل كاي انسان اخر وانا لا امثل اي خطر علي المجتمع الاروبي واحمل في قلبي الحب لكل البشر واعتبر ان كل الناس خلقوا سواسيا ولكن اسف عندما اري كثيرا من الناس يمارسون العنصرية الخفية في تعاملاتهم او في تقيدهم لحرية الاخرين من غير ان يظهروا منها شئ وانا لا اتحصل علي اي اموال من الضمان الاجتماعي للاجئين في المانيا وليس لدي اي ماوي بعد اخلاء المدرسة في برلين واسكن حاليا في اورانيا بلاتس ولا املك اي شئ او اعرف اي شخص سوي اللاجيئن هناك وانا في حالة نفسية سيئة لعدم شعوري بالراحة في المانيا وعدم توفير سبل الاندماج مع المجتمع الاروبي اتمني ان يكون لي اصدقاء في المجتمع كبقية الناس ايضا اريد ان يكون لي حق السفر لاري اسرتي واهلي ولكن ليس لدي اوراق اتمني ان يعامل كل الناس بطريقة خالية من العنصرية عندما طلبت اللجوء في المانيا رفض طلبي مع انني اتيت من منطقة نزاع مسلح ومنطقة تحت الحرب من قبل الحكومة السودانية التي رئيسها مدان من المحكمة الدولية ولقد رحلت الي ايطاليا لانها كانت دولة الدخول الاولي بالنسبة لي ونسبة لان ايطاليا ليس فيها لديها حقوق للاجئين اتيت مرة اخري الي المانيا ولكن مع وجود الرفض لا يوجد لدي اوراق لذلك لا استطيع مثلا الذهاب الي الطبيب لانني اعاني من اوجاع في صدري ومازلت اعيش في اورانيا بلاتس في برلين ونحن مجموعة من اللاجئين لا نجد مساعدات انسانية”

Mousa Adam

I came from a very far place, from a city called Niyala, in Sudan. I have entered into Europe through the Mediterranean Sea to Lampedusa, and I do not posses any documents or right to work or a place to reside in Europe. I am in very uncomfortable and bad humanitarian status, I came to Europe to seek freedom, and I hope to be treated equally and have document with rights to travel, work, and move freely within Europe and the whole world like every one else. I do not pose any danger for the European society, and I have love for all human being, cause we have been created equally, and I feel sorry when I see lots of people practice hidden prejudice in their treatments and their decision in limiting the freedom of others without showing their discrimination. I do not get any welfare and assistance money for refugees in Germany, I do not have any place to live after the school eviction in Berlin, and I live now Oranien Platz. I do not own any living means, or know any one other than the refugees in there, and I am in unstable psychological state for the sever discomfort in Germany. The lack of means of integration within the German society, and I hope I hope to have friends in the society like every one else and have the right to travel to see my parents and my family and I do not have documents to do it. I hope all people will be treated in a way without discrimination. I have demanded a refuge and asylum in Germany. My application was unfairly rejected, I came from an unstable armed conflict and our area is a war zone by the Sudanese military government, which its president is a recognize war criminal by the international court. I was deported back to Italy cause it was my first point of entry to Europe, and due to the fact that Italian government doesn’t provide benefits to refugees and asylum seekers I went to Germany. But because my application turned down before I can not get papers to get simple right like visiting the or medical doctor to get treated from my chest pains that I always experience.I still live in Oranien platz in Berlin with a group of refugees that do not get any support or any humanitarian assistance from the German government.

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Statement: József Krasznai


“The Gypsies situation is no good in all the world because there is no jobs for Gypsies everywhere, every law refuses the Gypsy. In Europe the racism and antiziganism, it’s intensive. In every country born, laws for the Gypsies make them like Refugees and stop the refugee in the countries. The Gypsies people, 90% without jobs. The every country citizen, what thinks about the Gypsies? The Gypsies they steal my job, my welfare, my everything. For the European parliament we have to make a plan about the nazism, because in every country there will be more racists and nazis. In Hungary parliament the second president is a nazi. This men, when he was young in the 90, he was a skinhead, he fight and beat a lot of Gypsies. His name was in every news. Right now the Gypsies are killed not with guns but with the laws. This problem is in all old communist countries. They separated the Gypsies children from the citizens children. The Gypsies children don’t have a chance to find jobs, because who is teaching the children professionally? I wane send a message to all Gypsies. Make one very strong organization who stop all these problems. In this organization there is no country delegation, there is a Gypsy delegation.”

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Statement: Anonymous (Berlin)

“Today I am very happy to see you to come to visit us and to see our situation. Because we have very bad situation and every day our situation is going up and going very bigger, it became biggest and we are near to … next month it will be snow so we think, more think, to get gases for to make hot tents, we need more food also we have needed to eat because hungry man is an angry man as I told you. Also… Just now also I am hungry, really I am hungry, I want to eat something even you have in your bag maybe you can give me something to eat. I think that … Also I think the situation not for myself also I think for everybody in this camp the situation went to change and we will get work, we will get work permit also I want also that this camp will be closed and everybody is going to get a work permit and his house, his own house also.. and also to be far from problems far from angry… maybe sometimes will be sick and how to go to the hospital to buy medicine? It is a problem… Because if you haven´t any money, you can´t go to the hospital and if a man became totally sick we will call ambulance and ambulance come to take him to [?hospital?]. Also we think we have very serious problem in this camp also. Even I have important things in this camp also.. we have also 6100 Euro to pay about electricity. The next Monday they are going to cut the electricity. If there is no electricity it is very bad because we use electricity to charge our telephones, we use also… some of us have some CD´s and also have also some CD´s to see some films, african film, european film and something. But if there is no light how we can do? The situation become more.. also some if there is light you can maybe buy some electric machines to make hot tents, to protect us. Also if there is no light it is a big problem so we have very big situation about light also to have to pay, if we didn’t pay until next week they are going to cut. Also we have serious problem about the food also it is very a very big problem. Now, yesterday, yesterday two o´clock pm we ate, after 24 hours now is still now, how many hours? More than 24 hours, so we didn’t eat nothing. Maybe I don´t know if there is no money maybe tomorrow also we will eat or we will not eat. I don´t know, so that why we have very serious problems, but our first problem is to eat, to get – if you are, you eat- you will be more strong, you have power but if you didn´t eat you will be sick, you are lazy and you are feeling bad, so you are not strong, and also you have problems for eyes you think more things, more problems, so that is .. by the grace of god, the system will change and everything will be well and organized, by the grace of god. Everybody will get his own work, his own department, his own maybe cars, if you are working you have to buy car also. So I think by the grace of god everything will be nice and well. But I don´t know a thing, it will be tomorrow, so today maybe I have situation, maybe tomorrow I´m ok. So by the grace of God everything will be ok and nice. And we are fighting! We are here to fight for ever. Our demands are how to get right to stay, right to work, right to read, right to go to school, right to also rent your own house, right to work and right to don´t think about people or to ask them people or to ask, to think about any donation for any other people, so you fight to get our rights. Because if there is really right in Europe, we are fighting about our rights. If they say that you don´t have any right, so everybody is going back to Africa to leave europeans paper, for me is that if there is really a right, I have to fight even I will be dead tomorrow, my brother is continue to fight. If he is dead, another also is going to continue. So the system for refugees is not created today, yesterday, before, so even I will be dead another person, people are continue the […], follow the system, this way for refugees. So we fight about our rights. And you will fight that we will get right. We will not fight … You have some rights but you don´t have all total right, but you have.. you fight about your right. You can´t fight right for another person if that is conceding to you. So I can´t say to beat the people or to cross a car or cross shops to say that is my right. No! Everybody has it own right, so you have to follow your right. I have to speak, I have to shout, give me this, this, I want this … so … I like … and I … all these things I said to europeans government, german government to see our situation and also to help us and also… I am happy also there is some supporters, some activist, some people who are giving us some, always donations, food clothes, they think about our situation more so I say for them thanks, thanks and God blessing everybody and God leave them long life and also God give them long fortune. I happy to all people who are giving us donations, are helping us and asking about our situation, they want to help. Like you, like she, you want also to help us, because you are looking always .. the situation are always bad, going down, going down. So that why I say thank you for everybody who support us and who are helping us. Thank you so much.”